IRSA Foundation Projects 2019

IRSA Foundation Projects 2019

Publication of the scholarly art-historical journal ARTIBUS ET HISTORIAE

In 2019 the IRSA Foundation published two issues of ARTIBUS ET HISTORIAE:

  • no. 79, XL, appeared in June 2019
  • no. 80, XL, appeared in December 2019

February 8th 

Special issue in honour of Professor Bernard Aikema

A special issue of ARTIBUS ET HISTORIAE “Art and Culture North and South of the Alps from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century” (no. 78/2018) was handed over to Professor Bernard Aikema in Venice. The issue includes papers written by young researchers who are students of the Addressee as well as by his friends working in research institutes around the world.

Chair of IRSA Foundation Józef Grabski with professor Bernard Aikema during presentation of the special issue of ARTIBUS ET HISTORIAE

April 23rd

Preparations for the publication of a book about Palmyra

Editors of the book “Palmyra”, written by professor Michał Gawlikowski with photos taken by Krystyna Gawlikowska, met with both authors to discuss problem related to the work in progress.

April 26th

Works on a monograph and catalogue raisonné of the painted work of Jerzy Tchórzewski.

Krystyna Czerni and Józef Grabski met with Mr Krzysztof Tchórzewski to discuss the current work on a book dedicated to the life and work of Jerzy Tchórzewski.

May 15th

Meeting in Posagno (Italy)

As part of his research for a paper concerning the “Portrait of Henryk Lubomirski” painted by Antonio Canova Józef Grabski met in Posagno with curator of the Museo Canova.

June 7th

Professor Jacek Purchla visited IRSA

IRSA Foundation was visited by professor Jacek Purchla in connection with a suggested publication of a book about German plans of Cracow during the Second World War.

July 10th

Meeting with Ms Jadwiga Kukułczanka

During a meeting in Paris, Józef Grabski and Jadwiga Kukułczanka talked about publishing of a screenplay “L’âne qui joue de la lyre” with illustrations by Jan Sawka and Igor Mitoraj, by IRSA Publishing House.

Ms Jadwiga Kukułczanka and Józef Grabski during a meeting

July 13th 

Organization of an IRSA anniversary conference

A meeting of the organizing committee of a conference on the 40th anniversary of IRSA. Paul Joannides, Carlo Corsato, Matthias Wivel and Józef Grabski met in London under the chairmanship of Peter Humfrey.

August 30th

Meeting in Kasteel Well

A meeting devoted to the organization of a conference on the 40th anniversary of IRSA took place in Kasteel Well (The Netherlands).

September 17th 

Conference at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Conference about synagogues in East Central Europe took place at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. IRSA is preparing publication of a book by professor Sergiej Kravtsov (the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Centre for Jewish Studies) about a synagogue in Żółkiew founded by King John III Sobieski and destroyed during the Second World War.

Sergiej Kravtsov, Phd, Józef Grabski and professor Ilia Rodov on a terrace of the Hebrew University

November 21st 

Józef Grabski participates in a seminar in the National Museum in Warsaw

Józef Grabski presented a paper “Kto jest autorem dzieła i kogo przedstawia zaginiony Portret młodzieńca z kolekcji książąt Czartoryskich?” [Who is the author of and who is depicted in the lost “Portrait of a Young Man” from the Princes Czartoryski Collection?] during a seminar organized by the National Museum in Warsaw in cooperation with Istituto Italiano di Cultura Varsavia that marked the opening of the exhibition: “Portret Młodzieńca”/ W poszukiwaniu zaginionego arcydzieła Rafaela [The “Portrait of a Young Man” / In search of a missing masterpiece]

December 4th

One-man exhibition of Jerzy Tchórzewski in the Kordegarda gallery in Warsaw

Opening of an exhibition of works by Jerzy Tchórzewski co-organized by IRSA in the Kordegarda gallery in Warsaw. During the opening, the first volume of the monograph of Tchórzewski published by IRSA was presented.

Kordegarda. Galeria Narodowego Centrum Kultury

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17, Warsaw

4 December 2019 – 12 January 2020

December 5th

Solo exhibition of Jerzy Tchórzewski in the Museum of the Warsaw Archdiocese

Opening of the exhibition “Jerzy Tchórzewski. Inne spojrzenie. Prace z kolekcji prywatnych” [Jerzy Tchórzewski. A Different Perspective. Works from Private Collections] in the Museum of the Warsaw Archdiocese. During the opening, the IRSA Foundation was represented by Krystyna Czerni and Józef Grabski, editors of the monograph of the artist.

The exhibition ran from 5th December 2019 to 1st March 2020.

December 6th 

The Marian Sokołowski Prize

The Marian Sokołowski Prize, for the best MA thesis in art history written at Cracow universities in the 2018/2019 academic year was awarded to Jan Kozakowski, MA, for his thesis entitled “Palaces and villas in the suburbs of Krakow in the 19th century. Formation and functioning on the historical background and protection issues at the beginning of the 21st century” written under the supervision of Professor Piotr Krasny in Institute of Art History of Jagiellonian University. Distinctions went to Joanna Kazubowska, MA, for her thesis “Textilia picta. The meaning of costumes and fabrics in portrait art by Bartłomiej Strobel (1591 – c. 1647)” written under the supervision of Professor Marek Walczak, and to Joanna Tochman, MA, for her thesis “Family constellations. Joanna Piotrowska’s photobook ‘Frowst’ in context of family photography in Poland” written under the supervision of Professor Wojciech Bałus. All the theses were written in the Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University.

A new book by IRSA Foundation

IRSA Foundation published a two-volume monograph on the painter Jerzy Tchórzewski, edited by Krystyna Czerni, PhD and professor Józef Grabski. The first volume entitled “Cierpienie formy. Jerzy Tchórzewski. Malarstwo. Teksty” [Suffering Form. Jerzy Tchórzewski. Painting. Texts] includes essays and scholarly articles focused on analysis and interpretation of the phenomenon of the works of Tchórzewski. The second volume “Cierpienie formy. Jerzy Tchórzewski. Malarstwo. Katalog” [Suffering Form. Jerzy Tchórzewski. Painting. Catalogue] encompasses an abundantly illustrated section as well as the catalogue raisonné compiled on the basis of a comprehensive archival survey. The catalogue presents also never reproduced works.

Publication of a book by Andrei Nakov

IRSA published a new book by professor Andrei Nakov, “Les reliefs de Tatline: du cubisme à l’abstraction”, discussing reliefs made by Vladimir Tatlin between 1914 and 1915 against broad background of both Russian art and works made in the artistic centres of Western Europe.